About Winston House Preparatory
School and Kindergarten

Teachers at Winston House develop an atmosphere of friendly
discipline to help children attain their full academic and social potential.

Winston House Preparatory School and Kindergarten is an established, modern, teaching facility for the preparatory education of children from 1 to 11 years of age.

The school embraces modern technology and will provide a balanced curriculum within a happy, structured environment in which your son or daughter has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. The school was established with the aim of inspiring young children to be creative, resourceful and independent.

The school environment is friendly and caring, encouraging everyone to succeed. We believe in praising children every step of the way so that each child becomes confident in his or her abilities and enjoys school life. We aim to ensure classes are lively, engaging and challenging, to retain your child's interest.

Teachers at Winston House will develop an atmosphere of friendly discipline to help children attain their full academic and social potential. Building a strong partnership between the school and our pupils' families is important to us all at Winston House. Any issues or queries will be dealt with as promptly as possible and visits to the school on an informal basis are encouraged.

Further details for the Kindergarten are available on the home page.

Aims and Values

Winston House Preparatory School is a small, welcoming school which provides a good quality of education for its children. It ensures that all children benefit from a varied curriculum which provides well for their individual needs. Winston House preparatory School is a strong and cohesive school community in which all pupils have an important part to play.

The aim of the school is to help children become creative, self-motivated and independent by supporting and challenging them in all aspects of school life, whatever their ability. It believes in providing a caring and sensitive approach to learning and teaching whilst aiming to uphold and encourage traditional values, to give children the best possible foundation for their future education and life in society.

We would like all our children:

  • To have very good basic skills.
  • To be able to discover, nurture and use their talents.
  • To understand their own feelings and those of others and have very good social skills.
  • To be well behaved, polite and courteous in line with their Golden Rules.
  • To have a thoughtful moral sense, to be kind, caring and respectful, to co-operate well and be good citizens.
  • To love to learn, to learn to learn, be creative and become lifelong scholars.
  • To be healthy.
  • To be confident, considerate, positive human beings who believe in themselves and in their potential.

We want our school:

  • To be a centre of excellence.
  • To have a community ethos.
  • To be innovative, progressive, forward thinking and outward looking.
  • To be highly inclusive.
  • To run smoothly and effectively.

Our size means your child will know every other child and teacher in the school and as your child is unique, a curriculum personalised to his or her learning needs ensures close monitoring of achievement to enable all children to succeed. We seek to challenge, support and encourage your child to strive for excellence. Our pupils leave us at eleven moving on to their choice of secondary school with self-confidence and a sense of their place in the world.

New parents and pupils alike are welcomed into our school community and we have an open door policy meaning you can talk to us any time about any aspect of your child's education and learning journey.

Our pupils and staff are very proud of our school and we would love to welcome you to experience the warm ethos and the high academic standards which are the key features of life at Winston House.

Shirmila Sharma